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Spend more time with your patients, not their records

Our virtual scribes are in the exam room with you, transcribing your patient visits in real-time, entering data directly into your existing EHR and EMR platforms.

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Save Time and Money

Trust your electronic medical record keeping to us, save both time and money. Our trained virtual medical scribes are connected during the exam, making notes and recording medical health records in your existing software while you visit with your patients.

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Higher Quality of Care

Patients need and deserve your undivided attention while in the exam room. With data entry out of the way, you are able to provide a better level of care, and focus on what is important: your patients.

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See More Patients

At the end of the day, your medical transcription and record keeping is finished and ready to review. Say goodbye to hours of tedious data entry and electronic record keeping, and get used to spending more time in the exam room with your patients.

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We provide virtual medical records transcription services, in real time

ScribeMR is a revolutionary new way for physicians to manage their data entry and medical record keeping. Our virtual transcription service provides real-time data entry by trained medical scribes, connected to the computers in your exam rooms, working with your existing EMR and EHR data systems. We transcribe the visit with your patient, in real time. We sit in on each patient visit throughout your day's schedule, silently recording medical data, transcribing the visit, and making notes, while you interact with your patients. At the end of the day, your records are ready for review.

We hire the highest quality medical scribes. Our scribes undergo a specially-developed training program by leaders in the field.

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